My school experience

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established” Proverbs 16:3.

I came from a different school background than here in North America. I grew up in Kazakhstan and attended school through grades 1-7. In Russia we do not have kindergarten, however we do prepare our children to write and read before grade 1 starts. The earliest memory I have of my school is my grade two teacher, she was such a gentle, loving teacher I ever met. She was my favorite teacher ever and still is. That is why I want to be a teacher because of the influence that my grade two teacher had on me since I was little. Uniforms is a traditional wear for all girls and boys when I atteneded school, I remember having to buy a school uniform and being very excited about it. One of the biggest things that Russian schools are known for is spead reading, the teacher would time you and you had to read a paragraph in a certain time, it would tell you how fast your reading skill is. The grading system is all about numbers, for example: number 5 woud consider to be an A like in North America, and so on.

Before I came to Canada, I did not learn English, however, I was interested in learning a new language. When I came to Canada in June, then I had to go to grade 8 in September that year. I had to learn English in less than three months, which was the most difficult thing I had to learn to do, and I am still learning English to this day. I attended high school grades 8-12. During my highschool time is when I learned English the most. Learning English was very difficult for me, because English is just a very complicated language in general. My time in highschool was a very memorable time because that is when I met a lot of new friends, and shared memories. Throughout my high school experience, I had amazing teachers who helped me through with after school programs for me to be caught up with everyone in the class because of my English.


After I graduated the decision was major for me what University I had to attend, so I chose to go to a Christian University; Trinity Western University, the reason why I chose that university is because  of their core values for their students who attend that university.  For the past three years I have attended Trinity Western and I enjoy every year more and more. Every year I meet new people and new friends. The biggest reason why I enjoy going to a Christian University is because of the Christian faith based, every course has a Christian perspective and values. The teachers are amazing, understandable and support their students learnings. This past semester I finally decided to start my teaching program at TWU, I prayed a lot about it for the past three years for God to show me a path that surrounds me with kids and other people. That was the plan that God has chosen for me is to become a teacher.

I am looking forward finishing my dream job and working with children all different ages.

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