My top 5 Christian songs

Lately I have been listening to a lot of Christian songs and it has been super inspiring. My each and every morning I would go to Youtube and just look up any song that I want to listen, that is how I start my day.

The first song that is the most inspiring to me is “I Am No Victim” by Kristine De Marco it is such an encouraging song, if you haven’t heard it yet I encourage you to hear it and just listen to the lyrics. God speaks to me through that song and reminds me that whatever I went through or whatever I am going through He will be there for me and that there is hope for me every day because Jesus loves me for who I am.

Second song that I enjoy listening to “You’re Gonna Be Ok” by  Jenn Johnson everytime I listen to this song I tear up, because it is so important to remember that no matter what the situation is, God is reminding us daily that we are ok because He has control over our lives and He is that Father that will help you through everything and anything all you have to do is just trust in His timing.

The next song is “It Is Well” by Bethel. Couple weeks ago this song has been super super helpful to me because I was going through something and this song just reminded me that we can rest and just give it all to Jesus and He will help us through any struggle. He is just so good and patient.

The last or not least song that encourages me “No Matter What” by Ryan Stevenson. Such an amazing song with amazing lyrics, it speaks to me that Jesus will never leave us or turn his back on us. Even when we sin we will always be forgiven. We cannot erase His love because He loves us for who we are, we are still His daughters and Sons He will never let us go. In today’s world we have a choice to believe in whatever we want to and sometimes the right thing to believe is right in front of us which is Jesus.

The last song that is inspiring to me “You Say” by Lauren Diagle. No wonder she won an award for this amazing song. I think this is my favorite song of all time.. This song speaks clearly to me through the lyrics, especially when we loose hope and faith in Jesus and when we think that we are not enough, even though we are more than enough because of His amazing grace, His love is never ending and when we feel like we don’t belong somewhere we have to remember that we belong with Jesus and His love.

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