My Samsung experience vs iPhone

I got my first Samsung phone when I was in grade 11. It was one of those little samsung phones that are just very easy to carry around. I do not rememeber the generation of it but I think it was one of the first ones. In the beggining I loved it, because it was my first “smart” phone I ever had. All my friends in high school already had iPhones and stuff and I had a Samsung. I had Samsung for about a year and a bit, I could not figure it out how it worked and the memory thing bothered me because I always found that I need memory to take pictures or either downlaod apps, but with Samsung you needed an CD card so it would work better and have more storage.

For my grade 12 graduation I got an iPhone 5s. I was super intrigued by “more options” it had than Samsung, and I was super happy when I got it, because all my friends had it. I rememeber the first app that I ever downloaded on that phone was Snapchat. I was so excited, however, the memory of that phone was 16Gb, which is not much for a young girl who needs to download apps and take/save pictures. I survived however.

From my expereince, I will never get a Samsung phone again, I heard that one Samsung phone was on fire and that is just scary, I am not sure whether it was true or not, but I believe it whoever that happened to. On the other hand, I never had a bad experience with Apple products, I know they can get outdated sometimes but they are always working without any problem.

If you are planning to get a new phone I 100% recomment an iPhone 🙂

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